Jack Lasenby


I want to live among people who believe in truth and freedom...I want to discuss ideas... I want books... From The Conjurer, Oxford University Press, 1992

Jack Lasenby

Jack Lasenby is one of New Zealand’s best loved storytellers and children’s writers. His work is imbued with a love of his country and a deep sense of what it is to be a New Zealander.

He was born in Waharoa in the Waikato, a small town which is the setting for many stories based on events in his childhood. He had a varied career as a deer culler and possum hunter, teacher, editor of the School Journal and lecturer at Wellington Teachers’ College before starting to write full time in 1987.

His books cover a wide range of genres, from adventure stories set in the past, present and future to tall tales and fantasy. Some of his unforgettable characters include yarn-spinning Uncle Trev, indomitable Aunt Effie and Harry Wakatipu, the talking horse. 


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