Robin Hyde


Yet I think, having used my words as the kings used gold,
Ere we came by the rustling jest of the paper kings,
I who am overbold will be steadily bold,
In the counted tale of things.
From 'Words' in Young Knowledge: The Poems of Robin Hyde (ed Michele Leggott), Auckland University Press, 2003

Robin Hyde

Iris Wilkinson wrote prolifically from her teenage years – mostly poetry and short stories – and at 17 she began her lifelong engagement with professional writing, as a reporter on The Dominion. Over the years she was a columnist, editor, feature writer and parliamentary reporter for various newspapers. Wilkinson continued to publish poetry, then a series of novels, writing from 1927 under her pen-name, Robin Hyde. She was of a generation of writers whose consciousness of their identity as New Zealanders was a wellspring of inspiration.


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