Elizabeth Knox


The evening light concentrated till the city and the
topped-up trembling horizon beyond
Pencarrow Head would begin to look like
a seaport in someone’s lost paradise.
From 'Provenance' in The Love School, Victoria University Press, 2008

Elizabeth Knox

Elizabeth Knox is renowned for her imaginative, poetic writing over a wide range of genres. On leaving school she initially worked for Inland Revenue. Her first published novel, After Z-Hour (1987), written whilst completing the Original Composition course at Victoria University, was followed by works which explored her childhood and adolescence growing up in Wellington. Her breakthrough novel, The Vintner’s Luck, brought her an international readership and was translated into ten languages. Knox’s work includes novellas, essays, adult fiction, and in recent years she has achieved further international acclaim with her Dreamhunter Duet for young adults.  


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